Workshop Schedule

Step-by-Step Schedule and Topics

Welcome Materials: Retirement Well-Being

How to connect all the essential parts of your life, and create a compelling vision for your next stage – while making sure you don’t overlook something important!

Module 1: Your Life Stage and Values

How to decide whether you want a conventional retirement stage of life, or something completely different – and then design it around what’s most important to you.

Module 2: Your Retirement Geography

How to choose the perfect home, community, city and state – or improve your life in the place where you’re living now, if you don’t move.

Module 3: Your Retirement Economics

How to plan for your most important sources of retirement income, and use them to complement each other – especially if you don’t like financial planning.

Module 4: Your Retirement Medicine

How to take control of your medical treatment, and get the kind of health care you want – particularly for midlife and beyond.

Module 5: Your Retirement Biology

How to discover the unique keys to eating and movement that slow down your biological aging, and build your physical vitality – even if you’re not a health nut.

Module 6: Your Retirement Psychology

How to create light-hearted fun, engaging new challenges, and a deep sense of purpose – whether you really want to be retired, or not.

Module 7: Your Retirement Sociology

How to command respect in society, connect with vibrant social networks, and build closer relationships – even though you’ll just be a “retiree.”

Module 8: Your Retirement Profile

How to put all your elements together to create a compelling vision, and then assess how well you’re doing in each area – based on your own values, and on the recommendation of “experts.”

BONUS MODULE Retirement Autopilot

How to automate your most frustrating and difficult financial retirement tasks – to create the freedom and peace of mind you need for more important retirement decisions.


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